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The Third-Estate long felt that it was time they were heard and taken seriously.

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The first phase of the revolution became the battleground of the Third-Estate versus anyone with substantial power. The call for liberty spread into all aspects of a Frenchman's life, the peasantry, aristocracy, and the clergy were all affected.

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The first phase of the revolution was mainly about discovering new ideas, mostly on the political spectrum. France slowly began to take steps towards democracy, starting with stripping the clergy of their power, condemning the ruling family, abolishing absolute monarchy and writing the Constitution of The first phase can be viewed as both successful and unsuccessful.

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The constitution that was set up in failed, and when it ended the hope of many liberals disappeared as well. However, the good that came out of the first phase can be seen easily. The Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen, and then later the one written for women, both exemplify the changes that were made during the first phase of the French Revolution. In addition, European governments created an unprecedented hierarchical diplomatic system charged with the responsibility of enforcing intercontinental mandates and determining Great Power status among nations.

2. Signing of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen

Although obsolete and lacking substance by the outbreak of World War I, the Vienna system served as a basis for the creation of the League of Nations and United Nations in the 20th century. Since no general European war-only smaller, regional ones erupted prior to , the members of the Congress proved marginally successful in fulfilling their underlying objective of peace as supported by historians. The Congress established a traditional balance of power amongst nations to enforce peace and prevent the ascendancy any single power hopeful of asserting its dominance over Europe.

The revolutionary by-product of the Napoleonic Wars was therefore a problem not taken seriously by congressional delegates and thus left unresolved. Ashby, Ralph. Accessed March 24, The Congress of Vienna: origins, processes, and results.


The French Revolution, Its Outcome, and Legacy

New York, NY: Routledge, King, David. Crown Publishing Group, Stockdale, Nancy. A a Describe the personal traits and talents of Napoleon which place him in a unique position in world history. Napoleon Bonaparte was the leader of the French army that defeated the revolution.

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  • He ultimately became the dictator ruler of France and succeeded in conquering various parts of Europe. However his methods are frowned upon, Napoleon the First and Emperor of France remains unique personality in the history of the world.

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