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Hypothesis Testing Example #1 Z Test

Get essay help. Accessed 20 October Hypothesis testing. Lower level of significance, require stronger evidence and run the risk of failing to reject a false null hypothesis a Type II error and would have less statistical power. Power of test in Statistical Inference is the probability that the test will reject a false null hypothesis i.

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Power analysis can be used to calculate the minimum sample size required to accept the outcome of a statistical test with a particular level of confidence. It can also be used to calculate the minimum effect size that is likely to be detected in a study using a given sample size. In addition, the concept of power is used to make comparisons between different statistical tests: for example, between a parametric and a nonparametric test of the same hypothesis. Statistical measure of the number of times out of that test results can be expected to be within a specified range Most analyses of variance or correlation are described in terms of some level of confidence.

A Type I error, occurs when the researcher rejects a null hypothesis when it is true. The probability of committing a Type I error is called the significance level. A Type II error, occurs when the researcher fails to reject a null hypothesis that is false.

The probability of not committing a Type II error is called the Power of the test. It has been observed on the St. Augustine Campus that obese people tend to use the elevator more than anyone else in UWI. From this observation for the process of hypothesis testing we can make both a null and alternate hypothesis. The null hypothesis being that the same numbers of obese and non-obese people use the elevator in UWI and the alternate hypothesis being that obese people use the elevator more than non-obese people in UWI.

In order to test these hypotheses we must define obesity which is set at above a body mass index BMI of As has been stated in the alternate hypothesis, we expect there will be more obese people in the elevator therefore the hypothesis can be said to be directional.

Hypothesis Testing Through Statistical Analysis Construction Essay

For a directional hypothesis we now have one-sided criteria as was previously stated. Due to the mathematical nature of our data analysis we are using a quantitative method from an experimental procedure and we would be collecting primary data through direct laboratory observation using a random probability sampling Jackson, Sherri L. Content validation which seeks to determine whether the test covers a representative sample of the domain of behaviours to be measured and can be validated by asking experts to assess the test to establish that the items are representative of the trait being measured.

Concurrent criterion validation that checks the ability of the test to estimate the present performance and can be validated by correlating the performance on the test with concurrent behaviour. Predictive criterion validation that will test the ability of the test to predict future performance and can be validated by correlating performance on the test with behaviour in the future. Construct validation which will seek to test the extent to which the test measures a theoretical construct or trait and can be validated by correlating the performance on the test with performance on an established test which is your control group or test.

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After ensuring that the validation issues are being dealt with a method can be devised. However while coming up with a method we must also take into account ethical issues such as avoiding harm to participants and researchers, keeping all data recording confidential while minimizing on the intrusion of privacy on the participants by only recording pertinent results. Consideration of the work of others where all citations must be properly referenced and consent forms should be filled out by participants to ensure endorsed and factual results.

For our method we propose to station two researchers on each floor with consent forms a small table, a BMI machine and several cases of the ml Fruta pack drinks. Consensual participants will have their name, weight, height, BMI, floors travelled and time taken as data. If desired identification numbers can be substituted for names in published results to protect anonymity.

True or False

On exiting the elevator participants will be ask to confirm the floors travelled in the elevator and will be spotted by having the incentive drink in hand. The experiment can be repeated twice more on another week to validate results. To subsidize the cost of the experiment, if similar research is being done, extra data can be taken by the researchers to incorporate data needed by other research parties. A control experiment can be done in an office building in a nearby city to further validate hypothesis claims.

The first step of data analysis will be to generate descriptive statistics which includes the mean, mode and median of participants BMI scores. A graph will help in determining the inferential statistic test needed and the type of distribution.

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Assuming a normal distribution of BMI scores and a sample population of over 30 people, we can then determine that the standard deviation of the scores and a Z-test will determine if the traits examined are statistically inferable and if our null hypothesis can be rejected. We can test for a BMI z-score of 30 which is the threshold for obesity. If the Z-score falls within the critical region we can reject the null hypothesis if not then the null hypothesis must be accepted.

The critical value is taken at 0. If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then please:. Essays Psychology. Better Essays words 5 pages. Sometimes setting a goal helps to arrange the different aspects of it into categories, which gives the team a clear overview of the project and lets it know the right questions to ask Lindsay, A good idea is also to meet with everyone who has a stake in the project beforehand in order to bring them up to date on information related to product features, users, and so on Better Essays words 2.

It would also seem that as the number of 1hour lessons increases the number of minor mistakes made decreases. Instructor B looks to be the most popular as he is chosen the most out of the four. I am going to state 3 hypotheses based on this data and am going to use my mathematical knowledge to support them Free Essays words 1.

Null Hypothesis And Alternative Hypothesis Philosophy Essay

Many individuals lose weight in different methods and at different times. In order for me to believe that all participants using the exercise machine resulted in an average pound weight loss, I would need to see additional information relating to all participants previous weight and the average pounds lost per each participant Better Essays words 2 pages. Regardless of how useful one sees either of these companies, online activity, in the form of search engines, social media or the like, has proven itself to be a rich source of information useful in various fields of research.

Our study will be focused on Google searches and their relationship with the unemployment rate in two countries, the UK and Poland