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A serif-ed font one with the lines at the ends of the letters are better for reading. Lines in the paper's body should be double-spaced with a first-line indent of.

Running Head

Indentation is not used in figures, tables, and captions. This is confusing because APA requires the Running Head to be different on the first page from all of the following pages. On every page, the Running Head should be in all capital letters and no longer than 50 characters, including spaces. Each page of the paper should be numbered from the very first page almost always a Title Page.

The numbers should not be inserted manually and should not include any identifying information such as your name; just the number. The Title page is the first page of your Paper and has the identifying information for the paper.

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It's also the page where you see the full Running Head as described above. The Title page must include three pieces of information and any optional information your professor asks for. This information should be center-aligned and appear in the top half of the page. Include any of the optional information your professor requests beneath these class, date, professor name, etc.

How to Label Appendices in APA

This supplemental material may include large visuals, detailed research study results, surveys, questionnaires, etc. Labels and titles of appendices should be centered and bolded as a Level 1 heading. If you have two or more appendices, label them alphabetically: Appendix A , Appendix B , and so on.

This checklist can be downloaded and printed. Scroll Down. In This Section This section explains how to include visuals such as figures graphs, photographs, etc. Figure 1 Figure 2. As shown in Figure 1… … see Figure 1. Figure 2 depicts…. Author, A.

Learn What Is and How to Cite an Appendix Online

Title of Image [Figure Format]. Marriott, J. Town of Banff and Sulphur Mountain [Photograph]. Retrieved August 1, , from Britannica ImageQuest database. Dalloul, A. Taj Mahal [Photograph].

Where Should You Place Reference Appendices In Your Paper?

Retrieved month day, year, from database or URL. Blas de Lezo [Painting]. Title of Web Document. Retrieved month day, year, from URL.

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Statistics Canada. Title of Book ed. APA format requires that your paper include:. With these two tasks done, you can simply insert your references as you cite them, greatly simplifying the task! Please check with your professor for individual expectations. To view a sample of what the body of an APA formatted paper looks like, click on the image below. Always check your assignment for specifics about your annotated bibliography.

Clarify expectations with your professor for best results! Here are a few examples of annotated bibliographies that may help you get started! Always check with your Professor for exact details on how he or she would like citations to appear in assignments such as. The official APA guide does not indicate how to include citations in certain forms of assignments.