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Since Huck was gone for a such a long time, Jim thought he would never see Huck again. Once Huck did come back, Jim was so happy that he could have cried. Jim is suspicious of Huck, Jim knows that Huck is lying to him about something, he just is not sure what it is quite yet.

Huck and Jim are able to talk to each other equally, Jim even tells Huck to look him in the eye; most white people would not bother to look a slave in the eye. Here Huck realizes that even though Jim is a slave, he has feelings too. Twain challenges people to be like Huck, if a child can treat a slave like a normal person, anyone should be able to do the same.


Racism Theme in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn - Essay Example

Towards the end of the book, Jim sacrifices his freedom in order to save Tom Sawyer. By this point in the story, Twain has drilled the idea into the audience that Jim is an intelligent slave, however, for the first time Twain says so directly through dialogue.

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Jim is characterized to make him seem more human to the audience by making others see what the worth in him is. Jim has taken many actions throughout the novel by this point that exemplify his compassion and his ability to feel emotion, Twain wraps up these points by having a new character give a speech that directly addresses Jim and his characteristics.

Huck Finn: Opposition to Racism

Twain also uses dialogue from a new character in the story to show that this cannot only be accomplished by children like Huck. Through several different encounters, Jim is characterized through dialogue with others. The character that makes up Jim is his ability to feel emotions and be compassionate while at the same time being intelligent. Through the use of this dialogue, the readers are able to think of Jim as a person and not a slave. Twain opposes slavery and wants his audience to oppose slavery as well.

Twain does this by using the perspective of different characters in the novel, Mark Twain characterizes Jim. These characterizations let the reader think of Jim as a human being rather than an inferior slave. The Adventures of Huckleberry Fin. Downloading text is forbidden on this website.

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Racism in Huckleberry Finn Essay

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Of course, Jim being the gentle person he is, is the first one to call this relationship a friendship. Besides becoming worried over what he thought was the loss of his friend Huck, Jim shows his care giving qualities towards the end of the novel when he stays behind to help nurse Tom back to health. Jim bases his actions on what he thinks Tom Sawyer would do in the situation and insists n getting a doctor. Not only is he being a concerned care giving man, but Jim is risking his freedom for a person he barely knows. He has that father like instinct that Julius Lester seems to have missed. It is the other characters in the novel who demonstrate weak ethical values.

Many of the characters who have racist credentials are portrayed as lowly, immoral, and uneducated. They rarely show remorse and are entirely self-centered. On the other hand, Jim is an easygoing, loving person who as uneducated as he is, consistently cares for others, is loyal to his friendships, and feels guilt in his mistakes. He is so wrapped up in the skin color that he does not realize his own faults and idiocy. Additionally, Pap is quite the opposite of Jim who loves his family, articulates his longing to be with them as well as his guilt for beating his daughter.

He does not have a care in the world for Huck, his only son. When finally Pap kidnaps Huck and has the chance to develop that father, son relationship, he locks him in a cabin while he goes out and gets wasted, and when he returns, Pap beats the boy.

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Twain certainly did this on purpose. This way, as The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is taught throughout the country, young people, or any person for that matter can see the veracity and severity of racist attitudes. Pap is not the only character in the novel who displays a loose set of moral values. The escapade with the Duke and the Dauphin is another encounter in the novel where whites are displayed as weak, self centered people who are blindly racist.

Twain uses their constant conniving deeds to show a diversity of white characters in this society as horrible people. An example of a character that seems to have herself together is Ms. She is supposed to be a smart, religious, good-intending family woman. While in the end she is the one to grant Jim his freedom, preceding this she put her selfish desires for money ahead of Jim and though he was her slave, Jim was someone she had known for quite a while.

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Jim overheard Ms. Another supposedly wholesome, good intending character is Aunt Sally. When Huck first meets Aunt Sally he describes an accident on the boat he was traveling on. Anybody hurt? The novel is simply showing the corruption of the adult world. He has been spoon-fed everything he knows about Africans by a society which has enslaved them and had a superior attitude towards them.

The second time Huck has a moment of realization about Jim that surprises him is when Jim talks about his family. He was probably taught that they did not have feelings. Huck has been raised to believe that blacks were uneducated, inferior, and most certainly not people to become friends with. For all Huck knew, blacks were placed on the earth to work and lacked the ability to love and care.

Huck definitely believed that aiding a black man in an escape would send him to hell. This moment directly indicates how foolish Twain believed the people of the time period to be.