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The territory of Kazakhstan is so vast that it occupies the Urals in the West and the Altai and Tarbagatai in the East. The Ustyurt plateau and the Caspian sea coast are located in the South-West. The eastern part of Kazakhstan reaches the northern Tien-Shan.

Our work to protect Kazakhstan’s biodiversity

The climate of the republic is mainly sharply continental. At the same time the weather in a desert is changeable and unsteady, hot in the daytime and at night, northern winds are blowing, bringing the cold. One of the largest lakes in Kazakhstan is Lake Balkhash.

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Up to date, Kazakhstan has been paying great attention to conservation of ecosystem, flora and fauna of the Aral Sea, a part of which is located in the territory of the country. Kazakhstan as well owns the whole northern and part of the eastern coast of the Caspian Sea — that is almost km. About six thousands of plant species vegetate in Kazakhstan, about species of birds, species of animals, 49 species of reptiles, 12 species of amphibians may be encountered in its spaciousness and about species of fishes — in the rivers and lakes. The major part of the forests in the country is located in the region of the northern Tien Shan and Altai mountains.

There are juniper forests and alpine meadows there, apple trees and walnuts are growing in the gorges. The mammals are distinguished with the snow leopard, brown bear, and Siberian ibex.

Taiga forests are found in the territory of Altai, where in the Kazakh territory a natural wildlife area was set up on Markakol Lake. Here, in the taiga forests such rare species of birds as a cock of the wood, hazel grouse, white grouse are found. However, these untold riches for centuries were unknown to the world.

The Beauty of Almaty, Kazakhstan

In his diaries and books they wrote about him as a stern, lean on vegetation region of endless steppes and huge sand masses. At the same time poetic heritage of our nation contains many paintings fascinating beauty of his native land, its infinite expanses, white communities of the Alpine mountains, azure surface of the lake ….

Kazakhstan flora and fauna facts

The secret here probably lies in the fact that they are rare victuals travelers; saw not all of Kazakhstan, but only its southern limits bordering great deserts of Central Asia, which then ran the trail of the legendary ancient caravan routes linking the major markets of the West and East. What an incredible contrast not only stun you as extensive as the land itself, a country called Kazakhstan? In a matter of forty or fifty miles from one another towering use Polinsky snowy peaks, very reminiscent of the legendary pyramids of Egypt pharaohs, increased a thousand fold, with no end in sight steppe stretches huge pale yellow ocean.

Vast sea of meat — and in the middle of a wonderful silvery lake where white swans swim peacefully and proudly raised his head gravely paces rare beautiful birds — flamingos … This — steppe lake Tengiz, which, according to the scientists, owes its appearance here in ancient times fallen giant meteorite.

cities in Kazakhstan

Ashen-gray hills obscure configurations and hundreds of round holes; similar to the following air strikes … It looks like from the air desert east coast of the Caspian Sea. Here, on the Mangyshlak, second, after the famous Dead Sea in the Sinai, the deepest point of the planet — Karagiye, this lies at meters below sea level. Is not shishkinskie landscapes — Irtysh pine forests full of epic calm and a more subtle heart aching tenderness?

Levitan breathes freshness and enlightenment priishimskoe undergrowth.

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And unusually original beauty Karkaraly forests and lakes Bayanaul truly worthy of the miraculous by Hokusai. Like sarian luminous imagination born multicolor prefatory generous valleys south of the country. Such a variety of terrain and topography vast Kazakh steppes and due to their location, representing the heart of the vast Eurasian continent, which served as the scene of many a turning point not only in the social history of mankind, but also the geological history of the planet. Abundance is not repetitive in nature rare paintings all over the Kazakh land can be explained more and vastness, which, naturally, involves and climatic diversity.

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Not days or weeks, but for months winter moves from north to south, and the spring — from the south to the north of the country. When the rivers and lakes of northern regions lie under cover of ice in the southern and northern going apricot blossoms.

Kazakhstan extends from west to east by three thousand miles, nearly two thousand miles — from south to north. The average annual rainfall in the mountainous and forested areas — mm, plains and steppes — Creative human activity actively transforms and renews a diverse and colorful image of Kazakh land. A vast area for centuries unoccupied feather grass steppes now generously Spikes golden wheat.